How To Help

Sponsorship Opportunities

The important work we do is fueled by donations. We are grateful to our supporters who give so generously.

To maximize our efforts, Melissa’s House seeks corporate involvement that goes beyond annual corporate donations. These needs are project-specific and ongoing.

Presently, Melissa’s House is seeking the following corporate sponsors:

  • Corporate paint sponsor
    • Official paint sponsor of Melissa’s House projects
    • Provides paint for all projects
  • Corporate home improvement sponsor
    • Official home improvement materials sponsor of Melissa’s House Projects
    • Provides wiring, wood, materials necessary for renovations
  • Corporate flooring sponsor
    • Official flooring sponsor of Melissa’s House projects
    • Provides flooring for all projects
  • Corporate furniture sponsor
    • Official furniture sponsor of Melissa’s House projects
    • Provides furniture for all projects
  • Corporate construction sponsor
    • Official construction sponsor of Melissa’s House projects
    • Provides construction work for all projects

Volunteer Opportunities

We are also looking for professionals who want to give back to the community by donating their time and talents to fill the following volunteer board member roles within our organization.

  • Construction Expert–Board Member
    • Provide expertise and oversight on all projects
    • Utilize contacts within the construction community to secure discounted pricing on labor and materials
    • Ensures all risks associated with projects are appropriately mitigated
    • Manages permit acquisition
    • Oversees design and construction to ensure quality of both meet industry and Melissa’s House standards
  • Financial Expert
    • Serve as organization’s treasurer
    • Approve all spending
    • Access to budget and bills
    • Work with payroll company to ensure payroll taxes and payroll financials are accurate
    • Oversee accountant to ensure all taxes are paid and financial obligations/fees are met
    • Report financials at board meetings
  • Social Media Coordinator
    • Provide expertise and guidance on social media needs including Facebook, Twitter and other channels to ensure Melissa’s House mission, project news and relative social issues are effectively communicated
    • Work directly with Team Fleisher Communications to define social media strategy and needs
    • Utilize contacts within the community to create partnerships that use social media to expand the MH brand
    • Can also be a volunteer
  • Marketing Coordinator–Board Member
    • Board member to provide expertise and guidance on marketing needs including the oversight of these materials
    • Works to define needs, coordinate and review all marketing materials and photos required for project completion
    • Uses contacts within the community to create partnerships that provide discounted or volunteer-based materials and services related to marketing
    • Ensures Melissa’s House brand is protected and appropriately represented in the community
    • Works directly with Team Fleisher Communications on defining marketing needs
  • Project Sponsor Coordinator–Board Member
    • Organize and lead in securing and managing corporate sponsors for Melissa’s House projects
    • Ensures board members are working to secure partnerships
    • Defines potential costs per project and financial outlay for each sponsorship
    • Reviews financial aspects of sponsorship through its duration
    • Maintains sponsor relationships and ensures sponsor satisfaction

Please contact Melissa’s House Board Chairman Jeff Knupp at to learn more about these sponsorship opportunities.

If you have questions about how your donation will be used or how you can get involved? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.