Q. How will my donation to Melissa’s House be used?
A. Donations to Melissa’s House are used to enhance the environment of individuals living with mental illness. Funds are used to purchase the items needed and to pay contractors for the work they do. A small percentage of funds are also used for the organization’s operating expenses.

Q. How do you select your residences for Melissa’s House projects?
A. Melissa’s House works with organizations like Community Housing Network that own and operate residences in Central Ohio for individuals living with mental illness. We collaborate with these groups to identify residences that we can make more comfortable with cosmetic enhancements.

Q. Can I identify a residence for a project?
A. Typically we work with a partner organization to identify potential residences for projects. But please feel free to contact us at info@melissashouse.org to pass on such information.

Q. Will Melissa’s House do a project on a private residence?
A. At this time, our efforts are focused on group residences.

Q. I am a contractor and I’d like to help with a project. Can I?
A. We welcome your support! Please contact Crystal Craig at 614.407.3701 or crystal.craig@melissashouse.org.